Truthseeker Manifesto

A Truthseeker’s objective is to end arguments, not start them.


A Truthseeker makes the most of every opportunity to learn and grow, striving to understand other points of view, with the purpose of establishing common ground.


Truthseekers desire to be informed, not affirmed.


A Truthseeker’s #1 enemy is pride.


Truthseekers do not question the perceptions and beliefs of others without having first tested their own.


Truthseekers are always ready and able to explain their reasoning.


A Truthseeker never sacrifices Truth at the altar of tolerance.


A Truthseeker recognizes offense as an emotional reaction to the challenging of a belief pattern, and therefore, a hurdle that must be overcome in the pursuit of Truth.


A Truthseeker never cops out by “agreeing to disagree,” but perseveres in following reason to its ultimate conclusion.



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